Pros and Cons of Becoming an Uber Driver

Uber Driver Pros & Cons

As you can imagine, the profession of driving a fare to their destinations is going to have good points and few bad points. The following list of Pro’s & Con’s has been gathered from multiple interviews and forums where Uber Drivers have made their comments and opinions known.

If you are considering becoming a driver for the Uber Service, here are some aspects to the job that you should factor into your reasoning.

Pros of Uber driving

Flexible Schedules and Routines — As a self-employed Uber driver you choose your working hours and this can be in a full-time or part time capacity. Your app can be turned on and off as you deem necessary so you are truly in control of how much your work and make.

No Boss — there is a managerial system for the most part a Uber driver is operating at their own discretion and with their own objectives. The driver is free to choose where to go and what to do. For the most part, the only “boss” you will have to answer too will be your passengers. A driver will need to keep an average grade of 4.5 or higher to keep their membership and the passenger will enter this figure. While the passengers can be annoying and cantankerous, they will be on their way in no time. The driver will also enter their rating for the passenger.

Meeting new people — All kinds of people are everywhere using Uber for all kinds of reasons. If you like to meet people and have interesting conversations about what is happening and why, this is a job for you. Everyone is a opportunity for top quality social interactions and this can be quite thrilling.

Surge Pricing — certain times and seasons can cause fare rates to rise to new levels and this can make the job especially lucrative. Sure, it will mean driving on the holidays, but if you are strapped for cash and free, this is a huge deal.

Down time — there will be plenty of lulls in work that will allow you the time and focus to do as you please, within reason. If you are looking to move at a slower pace, or even a faster one, this could be a good option for you.

Cons of Uber Driving

Insurance — something you won’t hear much about outside of Uber are “rideshare endorsements” without which your insurance provider may drop you from their policies. This is a complex issue and should be researched well before starting out on the Uber plan.

Work Rhythm — there will be days when you need work to be good, because you are full of energy or saving for a big treat. This will be the day when you sit in your car ALL DAY, staring at an inert mobile device. The reverse will be true as well. This is just an occupational inconvenience and some quality planning will allow you to avoid suffering.

Lonely Work — unlike Taxi cabs, which can seem like a tight community, Uber drivers are lone wolves that have little communication with each other. Four can pull up at a stoplight and be none the wiser. But there are forums and online interactions that can keep the workload light and fluffy.

Little Recognition from Uber Management — The big wigs don’t do a lot of micromanaging and Uber drivers are left to their own performance or lack thereof. So, you will be doing great and making cash until the day you are cut for not doing so well. Furthermore, the drivers of Uber are quite insignificant in the broad scheme of the Uber owner’s plans, so your opinions concern and complaints will largely go unnoticed.

Wear and tear on car — your car will be you to manage and operate. This can mean extended wear and tear and no help in meeting the rising depreciation. You will need a solid plan to care for your car and a car that can work in this capacity without becoming a money hole.

Seeing how stupid drunk people are — Drunk people can be fun, entertaining and a joy to transport. But they can also be out of control, obnoxious and throw up all over the interior of your car. (Expect It). furthermore, many people take a convenient service like Uber to avoid the hazards of drunk driving. So, you can expect a good share of your cash to come from this demographic. You can rate your passengers, but in the need your capacity to handle yourself with many different situations will decide your outcome at Uber.

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