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What Is Uber’s Referral Code For?

uber driver prmotopnm codeUber’s has grown very effectively and very fast. This has largely been done by word of mouth .  I persdonally heard about how to become and Uber driver by word of mouth and was given an Uber referal code by another driver.

Similarly most new passengers say they were refered by a friends. Uber gorw virally every DAY.

Because growth is important in any business, Uber incentivizes drivers and passengers by offering bonuses, ride credits, and discounts, for referring other people to use Uber.


Why You Should Use A Referral Code

If you have ever been to Uber’s website looking for a discount code to ride or a sign-up bonus to drive, you might realize that you can’t find any information.

The reason why is because Uber doesn’t offer anything to people that go directly to them. This does kinda make sense if you think about it. If you go directly to someones website, you might already be planning on signing up.

You wouldn’t want to give someone an incentive to buy when you already know they are about to sign up without the incentive, right?

You would be cutting into your profit for no reason.

That’s why you always want to find an invite code before sign up.

So, How Exactly Do Referrals Work?

Think about your phone service for a second. There’s Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc… Let’s say you have tried them all and Verizon is the best in your experience. So now, when your friends are thinking about switching phone providers you will always recommend Verizon to them.

This is the same Idea with Uber, only you get a bonus for recommending drivers to sign up with Uber.

Uber knows who refers who because every driver and rider have a unique referral code that tells Uber who the referee was.

Requirements To Earn Uber’s Driver Sign-Up Bonus

There are only a few requirements to earn a bonus and none are very difficult.

  1. You must be a new driver when signing up for Uber. If you have experience with other rideshare companies like Lyft that is OK.
  2. You must sign up using a referral code(Link applies invite code automatically).
  3. You must complete a certain amount of trips. This can vary from 10 trips to 100 trips.

Uber Offers double-sided Referral bonuses

The cool thing with Uber is both the referee and referral can earn a bonus once the referral completes the requirements.

For example, In San Francisco when you use my link and complete the required trips. You will receive a $700 bonus, but I will receive a $700 bonus as well for referring you.

Of course, this really depends on the city you drive in. Some bonuses the referee will get more than the referral.

Like I said earlier though, it doesn’t matter who’s code you use because all codes are created equal. So if you see one person promoting a referral code with a $500 bonus and another person promoting a $300 bonus.

You could use either code and the amount you receive wouldn’t change since it’s based on your city not the code.

Once you sign up to drive, Uber will give you your own person referral code to invite other drivers so you can earn more with the double-sided bonus.

What Bonus Does Your City Offer

Uber is pretty secretive about what bonus each city offers. They don’t post a public list for everyone to see. So you actually may not know until you sign up.

But, if you really want to know beforehand, you should send Uber a message with the city you are in to see what the current referral bonus is.

When Will You Get Paid Your Referral Bonus?

If you are the referee, you must first wait for your referral to finish signing up and complete the trip requirements for their city.

Once the requirements have been completed, you should give it up to 48 hours for your bonus to reflect in your current pay statement. Any longer and I would send Uber a message asking what’s up.

Depending which day of the week the requirements are completed, it should take 1-2 weeks to receive your referral bonus.

After you finished the requirements to get the bonus, if you want to stop driving, no one is stopping you.

Need To Retroactively Apply An Uber Referral Code?

Sometimes you forget to put an invite code. Other times, you don’t realize you could’ve gotten a bonus until after you already signed up without a code.

The good thing is Uber will allow you to retroactively apply a referral code as long as it’s within 15 days of signing up.


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