Understanding The Different Types Of Uber Driver Schemes

Understanding The Different Types Of Uber Driver Schemes

Uber is a trend that is here to stay and they are now almost everywhere. There is an Uber app that you can use to request a ride from the Uber driver that’s nearest you. What many do not know about the service is the fact that there are several different types of Uber drivers you can request. Here we will help you to understand the different types of Uber driver schemes.


Of the different Uber schemes you can get, this will be the least expensive. This Uber selection allows you to share your ride with another user and you each pay half the cost. If you use your app you will find this selection and it simply means that if there is another user heading in the same direction as you, then you are able to share the cost of going there. Using this selection you are not able to choose who your companion passenger is but it will save you on the cost of getting where you want to go.


This is the most common choice and it allows up to 4 passengers in the vehicle. In most situations, the car itself will be a midsized sedan such as a Honda Accord or Toyota Prius or similar vehicle. Although this choice is not as cheap as Uber pool it is still an economical choice and as most people are not yet as familiar with Uberpool, it is the more popular choice.

Most cities require that this be a later model car and the vehicle itself must have a current inspection that ensures its brakes, tires, and overall condition is at the required levels of safety. As mentioned above the vehicles themselves are not generally luxury cars and in addition to the ones already mentioned typical cars can include the Ford Escape, the Mazda 3, and the Toyota Camry.

It’s important to understand that the drivers are not trained as professionals and they are not required to maintain a commercial driver’s license. They are required to be at least 21 years old or older and they do go through a background check and a basic check of their driving record.


This is not a luxury ride. The typical vehicle used when making this election will be minivans and SUVs. For this reason, it cost more than UberX but is still an economical choice. These vehicles can carry up to 6 passengers. Although the total cost of this choice is higher than with UberX it can be less costly when split between the 6 passengers. Some of the vehicles that are used for this scheme of Uber driver includes the GMC Acadia, the Honda Pilot, and the Dodge Caravan.

The Select Scheme

Uber Select is the first step up to luxury. It can include up to 4 passengers. Some of the vehicles that are used for this level of service include Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Anyone who is wanting to ride in a bit of luxury but doesn’t want to go all out and get the Uber black, then they’ll want to choose this level of service. The Uber select can be chosen using the Uber app.

Ultra-Luxury With Uber Black

When you want to ride in high-end late model luxury SUVs, then this is the service you want to choose. Depending on the city that you live in there may be two options for this level of service. The first is a black luxury sedan and this service includes up to 4 riders. The second choice would be a luxury SUV and these can usually accept up to 5 or more passengers. This is the only level of Uber that requires the drivers to carry a commercial license and commercial grade insurance. Anyone who wants or needs this level of service will want to choose Uberblack.

It is important to keep in mind that if you’re going to be going to the airport or train station and you plan on bringing a lot of extra luggage, then you may want to consider that when arranging for your Uber ride. Obviously, if you have a lot of bulky luggage then you’ll need to arrange for one of the services that include extra room. Even if your party only has three people for example, but you have a lot of bulky luggage, then you might want to order a car service for 5.

Become an Uber Balck Driver

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